Why Choose

Alston Software Apps?


ASA is focused on cost effective mutual success for small businesses and municipalities.  Our pricing model to our clients is nearly always FREE with our revenue gathered on a transaction basis only.  Motivating us to make our tools a large part of your business income.


ASA works personally, thoughtfully and thoroughly on your business goals and client satisfaction.  We are constantly improving our processes and features and work tirelessly to promote our client partners to the local communities they serve.  We create custom landing pages, marketing campaigns, printed mailers, flyers and participation in periodic group marketing campaigns - ALL AT NO COST TO OUR CLIENT PARTNERS!


How can we offer so much at no charge? 

We are confident in our services and know that if we can work to gain a small portion of your success (at no cost to you) we can grow and make our client partners even more successful over time.  You set your event, menu, products, pricing, coupons, specials  and receive 100% including tax - minus mandatory credit card fees at cost. 

ASA adds either a small fee, percentage, tip, or some other addition to the transaction to cover our services.  We are conscious to keep it low so not to discourage your clients.

We want to encourage our local businesses and provide them tools and marketing exposure usually only available to large chains or budgets.  By combining many local smaller, independently or family owned businesses through ASA we become a powerful marketing block - without sacrificing independence.


Unlike other marketing programs like Groupon, etc. you receive 100% of your sales - minus mandatory credit card fees at cost.  Our relationship is looking for the long term and building on mutual success.  Payments are made quickly in a manner of your choice: PayPal, Zelle, Bank Transfer, Etc.  Multiple payment types online - some that maybe you do not offer with your current processor.  Now you could take order with that tender!

Keep your current Website, credit card processing, POS, bank accounts, etc.  This is an independent application, we do NOT need access nor changes to your systems - we only need to know how you want deposits made. 


We would work with you on links on your website, social media, etc. for normal marketing needs.


Receive orders in ways that suit your business. 

We can work with you to design the best most efficient methods to notify you of orders and customer satisfaction follow up.  Orders can be sent by any or all of these methods: auto printed, texted, called, faxed, or web hooks.


Delivery?  Delivery areas can be defined, additional fees added, minimums, times set, etc. 


No Delivery? No Problem!  Pick Up or pre--ordering is the ticket!

Ticketing?  Get reports of ticket sales, milestones, quick scanning of tickets at door with ANY smartphone!